Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Running & Thinking

"Become addicted to constant and never ending self improvement"

Today was my second run since I've started again.  Another 2 miles.  Slow steps.  I ran today after DH and I had just had a conversation about running, genetics, family & health.  Wow!  I was really motivated to get out there today!  There are 2 body types that run in my family...the skinny cross-country group & the thunder thighs group!  Let's just say that I qualify for group #2!  Actually, most of us do except for my grandma & my Aunt.  I think my grandpa must of had the strong gene!!  Genetics can be a big pain in the butt!  Diabetes also runs in my family.  My mother who started as a type II diabetic is now a type I after not taking care of herself.  This has been hard for me all of my life.  It brings me nothing but anxiety and anger when I think about it.  So, even though I would love to lose just a little bit of weight, for me it's way more than that.  It's fighting my genetics.  Fighting to be better...to be healthier.  I look at my grandmother who has been active all of her life (now granted she does fall into the cross country type) & then I look at another 75 year old that hasn't, and it's so evident how being active can actually help your life as you get older.  But, being skinny doesn't make you healthy either!  Skinny people have bad genetics too!  That's where exercise can help (and eating right)!  This all weighed heavily on my mind today during that 2 miles.  I'm ready to get back into a pattern of consistency with my exercise!       

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  1. Oooooo - Love that quote!

    You know what I don't love? Running. Which is why I haven't run a mile since high school....probably why I would qualify in the thunder thighs category ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!