Thursday, January 19, 2012

Upcoming Redneck Bash

I could not help but to post this picture!  There were several others I could have, but believe me, you don't want to see some of them!!  The mullet....what can we say??  Is there really anything to say?  Now, please don't take offense to this page if: 1) you are in fact a redneck, or 2) you are strutting a mullet yourself (we all know these were once in style...I guess??).  A few months ago, my family decided that for our Christmas this year we would have 2 Christmas gatherings.  We didn't have our traditional Christmas at Christmas-time, rather we waited to do it this coming weekend.  Since this is the first year grandma is gone, we knew that it was going to be very sad and difficult, so my aunt decided to have a good ol' knee slappin', goat lovin' good time the night before.  Hopefully this will get us all into a happy place and will help ease the hurt just a little.  Now, I'm talking we are going all out.....everyone is donning their own redneck attire, there are prizes being given, and let's not forget the redneck decorations.  They actually have redneck decorations people!  They have made it global!  Chicken legs actually thinks we are all rednecks anyway, so maybe this party isn't very off from our norm???  Anyway, it should be a good one & I've got my outfit all picked out!  Check back for pics!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random January Thoughts

Every mile is two in winter. ~George Herbert

Boy, how true is that quote??  I woke up this morning to bitter cold in our house, the fireplace out & snow covering the ground.  Chicken legs had turned down the central heater last night before going to bed.  The poor fireplace did what it could, but eventually gave out sometime in the early morning.  Talk about a rush to get it started again!!  I have never had a fireplace in a house before so it's definitely something I am getting used to and loving (other than the wood shavings EVERYWHERE that you have to pick up daily).

This morning I'm feeling guilty!  Since the first of January, I told myself that I was going to get back to exercising and jogging.  I started it last week & was feeling a progress in the way my pants were fitting.  The last two days though, I have had a REALLY hard time getting out there.  It has been soooo blistery cold & windy.  I do not have a gym membership so I have been lazy!  Going to try and make myself do something today!  On a brighter note, I jogged for 3 miles straight the other day!  That is progress from losing all of my endurance!

So, about 2 months ago, my sis & I were talking about how we would like to do something crafty & start going to craft fairs together starting this year.  With school not ending until July, we know that we really can't get started on it for a bit.  Right now, we are in project hunt mode!  I saw a project that I really wanted to start (for myself more than anyone else).  A couple of blogs I've been on explain how to make homemade pure vanilla extract.  AWESOME....That is all there is to say!  So, I ordered the jars & vanilla beans on Amazon, and sis & I created little jars of cuteness the other night!  What do you think?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A feeling of Determination!

"Sunshine follows every storm and breaks the dark of every night"

Here it is a new year!  What can I say other than thank God I made it  through 2011!  You know that phrase, "if you're going through hell, keep going".  I feel like I made it through and I'm on the other side.  I'm standing here thinking to myself, " what?".  I'm optimistic about the New Year.  I know many people that 2011 just wasn't very good for them either.  A new year brings new opportunity, new blessings to be thankful for, & let's not forget new hills we might have to try and climb.  I find that if you look at the new year as something positive, you start it off right.  Kind of like if you get out of bed thinking it's going to be an dreadful day, it usually always becomes just that! I remember one new year I woke up, stepped on the scale, had a split second thought about how I had let myself go, and lost 30 pounds.  And even though I'm sitting here with a head cold to bring in the new year, I feel determined to be better (in everything)!  
And just for are a few new things I have found to get me excited about 2012:

How cool would it be to try & make this!!

This is my quote!!  2011 is behind us!

Excited about possibly a new tat!

Motivation for the New Year!